Charlie Neagoy (Librestream) on the Tidal Wave of Talent Loss in the Trades and Surviving a Market Crash

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The Guest

Charlie Neagoy is the VP of Business Development at Librestream, a company focused on bringing the eyes and ears of remote experts into the field for rapid response to problems. They are coming at AR from a different angle than many. While they are focused on the remote expert use case, they are not dependent on AR to do it. Adding AR to the mix makes the offering better when it improves the quality or efficiency of the information shared.

Prior to Librestream, Charlie was VP of Partner Sales at Inlet Technologies, which was a pioneer in video streaming. He established relationships with the likes of ESPN, Major League Baseball, Apple, Microsoft, NBCUniversal, and others. Before that, he was Director of JDSU’s Integrated Optics Business Unit, where he led the growth of its high speed optical components business to over $100M annually.

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Charlie Neagoy



The Conversation

In this conversation, Charlie and I talk about his experience of living through the dot com bubble and bust in a heart-wrenching, but ultimately very satisfying way. We also talk about the global problem of talent and expertise drain due to retiring baby boomers. Charlie notes the average age of field technician is about 57! Knowledge needs to be passed from this retiring group to the twenty-somethings now entering the workforce. (Apparently everyone in Gen X avoided the trades.) AR has the potential to help embody all of this built up knowledge and then project it back out at the location and moment it’s needed.

We also explore the potential and challenges of a new Pratt & Whitney jet engine, and Charlie shares great advice about how to win every negotiation. Charlie is a great communicator and delivers a lot of great insight.

The Request

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