Andy Lowery (RealWear) on the Symbiosis of Humans + AI

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The Guest

Andy Lowery is the co-founder and CEO of RealWear, a knowledge transfer company helping industrial workers to learn and solve problems in the field. RealWear makes a hands-free, ruggedized, head-mounted wearable computer and complementary software; RealWear makes one of the most successful head-mounted computers sold today.

Prior to RealWear, Andy was President of DAQRI, another pioneer of AR use in the enterprise. Andy also spent more than a decade in engineering and management roles at aerospace and defense contractors.

In addition, he served as an officer in the US Navy, retiring recently as a Lt. Commander after more than 25 years of active and reserve service.

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The Conversation

I’ve broken my conversation with Andy into two parts. In this first part, Andy starts by sharing a close encounter he had with a Russian ship when he was in the Navy.

We go on to discuss the use of smartglasses in industrial settings. Andy shares the insights he gained at DAQRI, and how he applied them to RealWear.

We also talk about the impact of changing demographics on today’s workforce, and Andy shares his perspective on how humans and computers will work together more symbiotically in the future.

The Request

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