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Martina Welkhoff (WXR Fund) on Gender Diverse Teams Outperforming All-Male Founding Teams by 63%

Martina is the founding partner at WXR Fund, and shares her perspective on gender diversity - both as a cultural and economic driver for good. We discuss the WXR Fund’s accelerator program as well Martina’s experiences raising money for the fund, and how it differed from raising money for a startup.

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Matt Stern (Mira) on Affordable, Hands-free AR for Everyone and Truly Immersive VR

Matt talks about the problem with Hololens and the need to broaden the reach and impact of smartglasses. He shares how his team used fish bowls and hot glue guns to help them create their first product. He also shares insights about creating The Walk VR, and what made that VR experience so compelling.

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