Joel Vasquez (DAQRI) on The Future of Work and Play

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The Guest

Joel Vasquez was a co-founder at DAQRI and continues to be a pioneer in the field of Augmented Reality. At DAQRI, Joel delivered hundreds of campaigns for brands such as Chevy, Pepsi, Ford, Blizzard, Target, Crayola, and many more. He has served as a multimedia Creative & Art Director, in Corporate Development, and as AR/VR/IoT Evangelist. He was also involved in the product design for the Daqri Smart Helmet, and the Daqri Smart Glasses.

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Joel Vasquez



The Conversation

In this conversation, Joel describes the early days at DAQRI when they were creating AR content experiences for consumers brands. We also talk about their evolution towards building AR glasses - the actual hardware - with a focus on enterprise customers.

Joel shares his perspective of the future of work and the future of play in an augmented world. Joel is an artist at heart with a passion for the potential of AR.

The Request

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