Paul Boris (Vuzix) on Smartglasses that Don’t Scare the Children (Part 2)

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The Guest

Paul Boris is the COO of Vuzix, a leading supplier of Smartglasses and Augmented Reality solutions for the consumer and enterprise markets. On the consumer side, Vuzix recently debuted the Blade smartglasses to rave reviews at CES. It’s got the best form factor of any pair of smartglasses you can buy when it goes on sales later this year. On the enterprise side, they partner with leading software and solution integrators to solve problems around warehouse logistics, manufacturing, remote expert, tele-medicine, and others.

Prior to Vuzix, Paul was a VP or CIO at several companies including GE and SAP, where he focused on Advanced Manufacturing and the Industrial Internet of Things. Earlier is his career, Paul worked in manufacturing as a plant manager before migrating to technology roles.

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Paul Boris

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The Conversation

This is the second of two parts of my conversation with Paul. (For more on Paul's background and a discussion about robots vs augmented humans in the factory of the future, check out the first part.) In this second part, Paul and I get into the details of Vuzix as a company, and the Blade smartglasses as an exciting new offering. We explore consumer uses cases for the Blade glasses, and we drill into retail and warehouse use cases.

We also explore the challenges of wide-scale adoption, which in Paul’s view is fundamentally a leadership challenge.

The Request

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