Barry Sandrew (Legend3D Founder / Magnify World) on the Controversy of Colorizing the Classics from the Golden Age of Hollywood (Part 1)

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The Guest

Barry Sandrew is a neuroscientist turned visual effects innovator and entrepreneur. He invented a process for colorizing black & white films, and another for converting 2D movies into 3D. As a result, Barry has touched a remarkable number of classic and modern films and TV shows - everything from It’s a Wonderful Life to Top Gun to Transformers - through the work of the companies he founded, which include Legend Films and Legend 3D.

Currently Barry is involved in several AR initiatives as a founder or board member, including ARival (AR experiences around live sports), Context Surgery (AR for surgeons), and Magnify World (global conference on AR & VR).

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The Conversation

This is the first of two parts of my conversation with Barry. In this part, Barry and I talk about the lessons he learned from the public reception (and some outrage) to colorizing old black and white movies. Barry also shares his awakening to the potential of 3D movies, and his perspective on why 3D has floundered in the US. 

Barry retells some wonderful stories about his interactions with the films and people from the Golden Age of Hollywood, including Jane Russell, Terry Moore, Shirley Temple, Ted Turner, and Frank Capra.

The Request

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