Hrish Lotlikar (The Rogue Initiative) on the Future of Immersive Entertainment, Social AR, and Blockchain

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The Guest

Hrish Lotlikar is a prolific entrepreneur and a co-founder of two current startup in the world of AR and VR. In AR, he’s pushing the boundaries of social networking at SuperWorld, which is a platform to create, share and discover augmented reality worlds

He’s also setting the standard in high-quality VR entertainment with his partners at The Rogue Initiative, where they work with Hollywood talent such as Michael Bay, to create cinematic interactive virtual reality.

The Conversation

In this conversation, Hrish and I talk through his perspective and early learnings on his social AR platform. We explore monetization ideas for social AR. We also discuss the state of VR content and what’s needed at this point in the life cycle.

We go on to discuss the unique situation for entrepreneurs in eastern Europe, the benefits of a completely remote workforce, and how Hrish explores the world while building his companies.

The Request

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