Clemens Kirner (Insider Navigation) on Navigating the Enterprise AR Needs of VW and Others

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The Guest

Clemens Kirner spent a decade working in AR as the founder and CEO of a digital agency,, where he and his team built immersive experiences for enterprises. He took the insights he gathered there and created a product company called Insider Navigation, which provides precise indoor positioning, navigation, and data visualization for factories, warehouses, and other venues. 

Insider Navigation is based in Vienna, Austria. Volkswagen is an early pilot customer using the solution in one of their factories that spans nearly 1.8 million square meters (20 million square feet). If you want to know where AR software can make significant revenue in the near term, this is a great example.

The Conversation

In this conversation, Clemens and I talk about the evolution of the mindset at enterprise companies over the last decade. We talk about some of the lessons learned during his time leading a service-oriented agency, and how he transitioned to creating a product company focused on a narrow set of problems.

We get into those problems he’s solving and why Volkswagen is so excited that they are helping to evangelize the solution. He also shares his perspective on building a global company based in Austria. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know Clemens over the last couple of months, and I think you’ll really enjoy this conversation.

The Request

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