David Nedohin (Scope AR) on Y Combinator, Curling & Enterprise AR

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The Guest

David Nedohin is a serial entrepreneur and the co-founder and president of Scope AR, which creates tools for delivering AR-based work instructions and real-time collaboration for both training and maintenance for industrial companies.

David and his co-founders took Scope AR through Y Combinator, a highly selective startup accelerator.

Concurrent with his entrepreneurial activities, David was also committed to the sport of curling, where he was part of a 3-time world championship team.

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David Nedohin

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Scope AR

The Conversation

In this conversation, David shares how a dump truck guided him along the path to discovering the needs of industrial companies that can be improved through AR. He also talks about a key lesson from his time at Y Combinator (in the San Francisco Bay Area), and returning to Edmonton, Alberta in Canada to continue to build his startup.

We explore the evolution of Scope from a service company creating AR work instructions
into a successful product company. We also discuss some learned learned from both sports and business.

The Request

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