Dana Loberg (Leo AR) on the Entrepreneurship of Art and Visual Expression in AR

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The Guest

Dana Loberg is an artist turned serial entrepreneur. Currently she is the co-founder and CEO of Leo AR, a consumer AR app for placing digital content in the physical world, as well as capturing and sharing videos of interactions with that content.

Dana is also behind the successful emoji and messaging sticker app, MojiLaLa. Previously Dana started MovieLala, which is a movie marketing and customer relationship management platform for promoting feature film releases, that went on to be acquired by GfyCat.

Dana started her career in marketing, while at the same time, pursuing her deep passion for art. She is an accomplished artist and has hosted a one-woman show in San Francisco.

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Dana Loberg

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Leo AR

The Conversation

In this conversation, Dana and I talk about her life as an artist, and what lessons she drew from that experience that have helped her in her life as an entrepreneur. We also talk about her focus on creating new means of visual expression through her startup endeavors at MojiLaLa and now Leo AR.

We go on to discuss her work at Leo AR and how users are creating and sharing their real-world interactions with virtual, and often animated, objects. Leo AR is basically putting a fun-filled, AR-based green-screen into the hands of thousands of creators.

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