Andy Greff (PLNAR) on Where Entrepreneurs Go Wrong When Bringing Products to Market

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The Guest

Andy Greff is the CEO at PLNAR, a company that uses mobile AR to help quickly create 3D models of any room of a home, and ties it to a workflow for insurance or home remodeling. PLNAR just announced the closing of a $4M round of financing from The Venture Reality Fund, ManchesterStory, and others.

Prior to PLNAR, Andy was the VP Products and General Manager at Phunware, where he brought more than a hundred mobile products to market for major brands and small companies. Before that he was a product leader at Motive, and then its acquirer, Nokia’s Alcatel Lucent, where he built and brought to market many enterprise mobile solutions.

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Andy Greff

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The Conversation

In this conversation, Andy and I talk about how incorporating the latest AR technology propelled PLNAR forward as well as some of the key use cases for his solution around insurance and home remodeling.

We talk about the power of innovating 20% of a solution, and imitating the other 80%. We also talk about the importance of founder-market fit, and where startups often go wrong when trying to bring their products to market.

Full disclosure: I’m an investor in PLNAR.

The Request

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