Martin Herdina (Wikitude) on Creating the Perfect Illusion in AR

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The Guest

Martin Herdina is the CEO of Wikitude, a pioneering AR company that makes tools for software developers to create immersive Augmented Reality experiences. More than 25,000 apps have been built using the technology.

The company was started 10 years ago, and Martin has been the CEO for the last 8 years. Prior to Wikitude, Martin was the CEO and co-founder of Fatfoogoo - a pioneer in in-app purchases and other e-commerce solutions for online games and virtual worlds. Fatfoogoo was acquired by major digital payments company, Digital River.

Previously, Martin has held strategic management positions in Europe and the US with Qpass Inc., UCP, and T‑Mobile.

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Martin Herdina

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The Conversation

In this conversation, Martin and I discuss the state of the mobile AR market 10 years ago. Martin describes the initial focus of Wikitude as a “AR-enabled World Browser”, and he shares how they *pivoted* to providing a tools for other developers.

We compare the tools provided by Wikitude to those provided AR Kit and AR Core from Apple and Google, as well as offerings from, Sturfee, and Ubiquity6.

We also talk about current market trends as well as the potential impact and some of the challenges of smartglasses.

The Request

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