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The State of the AR Cloud with Jan-Erik Vinje, Christine Perey, Jason Fox, and Colin Steinmann (Open AR Cloud Association)

Jan-Erik, Christine, Jason, and Collin dive into elements of the State of the AR Cloud report and share their reasons for participating in this initiative. They make the case for both broad and targeted involvement by the community to ensure the spatial internet is even more inclusive, safe, and broadly useful than what has come before.

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Tom Emrich (Super Ventures / AWE) on Perceptual Computing and Human Evolution

Tom shares his take on hearables, the current crop of consumer-focused smartglasses, and some of the opportunity and remaining challenges for enterprise adoption. He also shares his educated guess on Apple’s plans for 2020 and anticipates how spatial computing may affect our notions of death, self, consumption, and relationships with each other.

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Martina Welkhoff (WXR Fund) on Gender Diverse Teams Outperforming All-Male Founding Teams by 63%

Martina is the founding partner at WXR Fund, and shares her perspective on gender diversity - both as a cultural and economic driver for good. We discuss the WXR Fund’s accelerator program as well Martina’s experiences raising money for the fund, and how it differed from raising money for a startup.

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Replay Mashup: Matt Miesnieks ( on Thriving as an Entrepreneur and Pitching to VCs

In this mashup from an earlier interview, Matt shares hard earned wisdom on handling the stresses of being a founder, how startups should work with big companies like Samsung or Google, and what early-stage VCs care most about. Plus, he adds some perspective on where the market is headed.

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