Rika Nakazawa (Atheer) on An Aging Workforce

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The Guest

Rika Nakazawa is the Vice-President of Strategy and Partnerships at Atheer, which is a software company focused on industrial enterprise, with a mission to connect today’s physical and digital workspaces through smartglasses. 

Rika has held executive strategy and business development positions at hardware, software and services companies from around the world, including at NVIDIA, American Express, Accenture, Sony, frog design, and others. She forges go-to-market programs  with partners in technology, solution integration, and manufacturing - including original equipment manufacturers, 
and original design manufacturers, otherwise known as OEMs and ODMs.

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Rika Nakazawa

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The Conversation

Rika and I talk about Atheer’s initial decision to build their own hardware as a means of bringing their vision to life, and their evolution towards their original and core mission: the underlying software platform and the user experience.

Rika describes how Atheer is enabling voice, gestures, and even head movement to interact with content visible through smartglasses. We dig into a couple of use cases around bringing remote expertise to bear on a local problem as well as the potential impacts of AR on an aging workforce, and an aging population as a whole.

We discuss what AR might mean to an aging workforce, and an aging population. Rika also shares her path from growing up in Tokyo to where she is today. She has advice for women, and entrepreneurs in general, and shares her awakening to the “me too” movement.

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