Yiwen Rong (Usens) on Gesture Recognition and the Amazon Six Pager

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The Guest

Yiwen Rong is the Vice-President Product at Usens, which is a company that creates 3D Human-Computer Interaction solutions for augmented and virtual reality. They are one of the first companies to provide inside-out 3D hand tracking as well as 6DOF head position tracking for both mobile and tethered AR/VR systems. (DOF stands for degrees of freedom, and it’s explained in the episode.)

Yiwen earned his Ph.D from Stanford in Electrical Engineering, and went on to work for Philips LumiLED (Philips Hue), Apple (iPhone) and then Amazon Labs ( Amazon Fire Phone and Amazon Echo).

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    Yiwen Rong



    The Conversation

    Yiwen and I talk about Human-Computer Interaction for AR systems, including Usens’ unique approach to solving some hard problems.

    We talk about Apple’s approach to delivering a unique product even when using industry standard vendors. We also dive into some of Yiwen’s favorite techniques from Amazon to ensure good decision making when building products, and some of the lessons he’s learned during his startup experience.

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