Paul Wehner (MarbleAR) on AR Transforming Live Music Performance and the Data Behind Meditation

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The Guest

Paul Wehner is the co-founder of MarbleAR, a company using AR to reimagine live music performance - both for the performer and the audience. Paul is an MIT grad, a relentless innovator, and a serial entrepreneur.

In 2017, Paul walked away with two hackathon wins. The first was at SXSW in the music category for the concept underlying MarbleAR. The second was the grand prize at the MIT Media Lab’s Reality Virtually Hackathon for a training aid for public speaking called Speakeasy VR.

One of the most impactful products he’s created is a very popular meditation app called Stop, Breathe & Think.


Paul Wehner

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Marble AR

The Conversation

In this conversation, Paul and I discuss the potential impact of AR on live musical performance (and other stage performances). We go on to talk about the VR project he worked on for training people to become better public speakers. Paul also describes an AR-enhanced tourist experience he’s involved in creating.

Later in the conversation we discuss meditation, and the data Paul has gathered on the impact of meditation from the users of his Stop, Breathe & Think app.

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