Damien Christian D’Amico and Melody Misiaszek (Vaylian) on Storytelling in VR & AR and the Power of a DIY Attitude

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The GuestS

Damien Christian D’Amico and Melody Misiaszek are the two co-founders of Vaylian Studios, an immersive media studio focused on branded storytelling.

Damien is a hands-on creative storyteller who believes AR and VR offer tremendous opportunities to tell engaging stories. Prior to Vaylian, Damien has been an editor, Visual Effects artist, a writer, and commercial director. He has complete projects for brands including MTV, Ford, Nintendo, Sony, Paramount Pictures.

Melody spent the early part of her career as a marketing director at Lynda.com (acquired by LinkedIn for $1.5B), and was involved in using events and unique content to communicate the value of her products.

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Damien Christian D'Amico & Melody Misiaszek



The Conversation

In this conversation, Damien, Melody, and I talk about storytelling in immersive media, including in VR. A few episodes back, Barry Sandrew expressed the opposite view, but Damien explains how he thinks storytelling can be compelling in VR.

We go on to talk about applying immersive media to experiential marketing - this idea that buyers will get a better understanding of the value of a product or service if they do more than just passively read or watch something about it. We also get into several AR projects they’ve worked on.

Damien describes the tremendous benefits of diving into new projects with a do-it-yourself attitude, and both Damien and Melody share how to build a network within a community of creators.

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