Josephine Munis (Candy Lab AR) on Location-based AR that’s better than Pokemon Go

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The Guest

Josephine Munis is the CEO of Candy Lab AR. The team at Candy Lab has created a software toolset called AR Fuse to enable developers to more easily make location-based Augmented Reality experiences. It provides a cross-platform (iOS and Android) solution for games, retail, and enterprise apps - soon to include cryptocurrency integration.

Josephine is also the president of the Los Angeles Chapter of the VR AR Association, which is an industry association that focuses on building community, training, and standards.

Prior to Candy Lab, Josephine was in marketing roles at FiberLink (acquired by IBM) and Experian.

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Josephine Munis

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The Conversation

In this conversation, Josephine and I talk about location-based augmented reality. Location-based experiences depend on knowing where you are in the world, or where you are within a building. Pokemon Go is a good example of a game experience that is affected by your location in the world.

We discuss Pokemon Go and how a company can build a similar experience with the tools offered by Candy Lab’s AR Fuse platform. We go on to explore some enterprise and consumer use cases beyond games.

Josephine also shares some lessons she’s learned in her transition to CEO and from growing up in Nigeria and then the UK.

The Request

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