Replay: Ted Schilowitz (Paramount) on the Magic Leap One and the Potential of AR (Part 1)

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This episode is another highlight and one of the most popular from the year. What follows is part 1 of my interview with Ted Schilowitz, which was recorded in early August, 2018. Ted is a futurist at Paramount Pictures and a passionate believer in the potential for smartglasses, including Magic Leap’s efforts. Magic Leap publicly launched shortly after we recorded this interview, but Ted’s comments about the device are still relevant today.

The Guest

Ted Schilowitz is a Futurist at Paramount Pictures, where he explores the future of media and technology, and tries to suss out where things are headed. Prior to Paramount, Ted held a similar role at 20th Century Fox.

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Ted Schilowitz

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Throughout his career, Ted has successfully moved back and forth between creating live-action content and creating better tools to make that content. For example, Ted came to Fox from RED, the digital camera company. There he was the first employee and chief product evangelist responsible for convincing Hollywood studios and directors that digital was the future.

Prior to that, he founded another hardware technology company that supported the creative development process. That one is now part of Western Digital. He was also a producer and director, and started a successful production company.

When you put all of those experiences together, the title of “Futurist” at Paramount Pictures seems appropriate.

The Conversation

This is the first of two parts of my conversation with Ted. In this first part, Ted and I talk about where his passion comes from, and the difference between immersive and spatial entertainment.

He shares why current VR is good, but not nearly good enough, to reach its potential. We also explore Ted’s perspective on the current crop of AR smartglasses, including his take on Magic Leap. He advises us to be patient and is very hopeful for where they are going in the future. 

We recorded this interview in person on the Paramount Studios lot in Hollywood, California. I think you’ll love this one.

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