Replay Mashup: Matt Miesnieks ( on Thriving as an Entrepreneur and Pitching to VCs

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The Guest

This is a replay of my conversation with Matt Miesnieks from May 2018. We recorded a two-part interview, and what follows is a mashup, incorporating the bits that spoke to how the market might evolve, and how to thrive as an entrepreneur and pitch to VCs

Matt is a serial entrepreneur, turned investor, turned entrepreneur. After more than a decade of engineering and business roles, Matt has spent the last decade focused on Augmented Reality. Matt was head of customer development at Layar - an early consumer AR company. He founded Dekko, the first mobile mixed reality platform for iOS. Matt worked at Samsung as a director of product development in AR & VR. And he was a founding partner at Super Ventures - an early stage investor in AR & VR.

Now he’s the founder and CEO af, a company focused on creating tools to help developers make useful and exciting AR experiences.

In the months since our original interview, Matt and the team at have made significant progress with their toolkit around leveraging just the smartphone camera and IMU to understand the world around it. The toolkit has improved or now incorporates occlusion, physics, persistence, and multiplayer support.

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Matt Miesnieks

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The Conversation

This mashup of my conversation with Matt is less about those details and more about the high-level trends, and about being an entrepreneur. Having worked on both sides of the investor table, Matt’s got an excellent perspective on what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

In this mashup, we dig into that broad perspective and uncover more of the lessons Matt has learned about: the value of company values, handling the stresses of being a founder, how startups should work with big companies like Samsung or Google, and what early-stage VCs care most about.

Matt shares some hard earned wisdom. I think you’ll love this one.

The Request

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