Jameson Detweiler (Fantasmo) on Creating the Digital Twin to Power our Augmented and Autonomous Future

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The Guest

Jameson Detweiler is a serial entrepreneur and the co-founder and CEO of Fantasmo, a company creating a digital twin for our physical world - both indoors and out. This 3D map will be decentralized, open source, and enable camera-based positioning.

Prior to Fantasmo, Jameson co-founded 3 startups. Most recently he was the co-founder and CEO of LaunchRock, a company that helped startups create a web presence and build anticipation for their pre-launch products. The company was acquired by Fundable in 2014.

The Conversation

In this conversation, Jameson and I discuss the need for a new type of 3D map to drive a broad range of new capabilities and experiences, including within automation, mobility and augmented reality. This 3D map represents a digital twin of the world, to which can be tied a wide array of digital experiences and insights.

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Jameson Detweiler

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Jameson sees it as a transformative opportunity to rethink and remake mapping data.

Jameson goes on to break down the benefits of camera-based positioning, meaning using the camera to precisely resolve your location. We discuss the the argument for an open-source and decentralized approach, and the tradeoffs in terms of privacy and utility.

We also talk about some lessons Jameson learned creating LaunchRock, which helped other startups launch their ideas.

The Request

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