Santiago Carvajal (Bose) on Audio Augmented Reality

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The Guest

Santiago Carvajal is the director of consumer electronics research, strategy, and vision, and a 24-year veteran of Bose. In that time, he’s been involved in the engineering and business side of product development for a number of award-winning and beloved products. He started in 1995 as part of a small team dedicated to making the Wave Radio successful. Later he took over leadership of the team and developed the Wave Music System, along with other home theater products. He was also the product manager for the first noise-cancelling headphones Bose sold to consumers.

Now Santiago is working on the Bose AR Glasses as part of the Consumer Electronics Division where he works with early-stage business teams helping with product user experience and desirability.

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Santiago Carvajal

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The Conversation

In this conversation, Santiago and I talk about audio augmented reality and why Bose is pushing the boundaries here.

We go on to discuss the AR platform and strategy at Bose, and the fifty million dollars they’ve set aside to accelerate the ecosystem around their technology.

We start the conversation discussing Santiago’s personal mission to simplify the complexities of consumer electronics and deliver real value to consumers.

The Request

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