Tom Impallomeni (Tribe XR) on Teaching You to DJ and Other Creative Skills

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The Guest

Tom Impallomeni is the Co-founder and CEO at Tribe XR, a platform for learning, creating, and sharing real-world creative skills in VR, AR, and beyond. Tribe’s first goal is to train you to be a world-class DJ.

Prior to Tribe, Tom was the CEO of a VR startup focused on live sporting events where he built up the product, the team, and partnerships with major sporting leagues, brands, and VR hardware manufacturers.

Tom was also the co-founder and COO of SuperAwesome, the largest kids’ digital media platform in the world.

Tom joined the entrepreneurial ranks from the finance side, joining a startup as a CFO after earning a Masters degree from Oxford University and spending a bunch of years at PricewaterhouseCoopers.

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Tom Impallomeni

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Tribe XR

The Conversation

In this conversation, Tom and I discuss the benefits of learning within VR, and why DJing is the right place for them to start. We get into the challenges of being very early to a market, and some survival tactics relevant for a consumer-oriented, non-game-focused VR company. We also discuss how Tribe is taking a methodical approach to gathering feedback from users and iterating on the product.

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