Ryan Fink (Streem) on Bringing Remote Expertise to Your Home with AR

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The Guest

Ryan Fink is a serial entrepreneur and the co-founder and CEO of Streem, a company on a mission to make the world's expertise more accessible.

Ryan lept straight from college into starting his first Augmented Reality company, called Ghost Runner. The goal was to use AR to gamify exercise. From that experience came new insights, new technology and a new company to focus on machine learning and computer vision. ONtheGO (or OTG as Ryan refers to it in the interview) created a new user interface for AR smartglasses and was acquired by Atheer.

Following the acquisition, Ryan spent a couple of years at Atheer as VP of Business Development working with leading hardware and software companies and driving the development and direction of products. He left Atheer in 2017 to start Streem.

The Conversation

In past episodes we’ve talked about one of the key early use cases for AR in the enterprise, which is to bring remote expertise to bear on a local problem. In this conversation, Ryan describes how he and the Streem team are applying the same concept to fixing your dishwasher and refrigerator. They combine a video collaboration tool with mobile AR to make the experience better for service providers and consumers.

We get into the mission at Streem as well as the lessons Ryan learned from his previous two AR startups—including the importance of knowing how and when to pivot—and his time at Atheer.

The Request

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