Michael Hoffman (Object Theory) on More Use Cases for Smartglasses and Overcoming Current Limitations (Part 2)

The Guest

Michael Hoffman is the founding partner at Object Theory, where he and his team work with enterprises to leverage AR and VR technologies, often in combination with IoT and AI/Machine Learning.

Prior to Object Theory, Michael was a Principal Engineering Lead at Microsoft on the Hololens team, where he developed a number of enterprise applications. Earlier in his career, Michael worked in software engineering roles at Google, Nike, and several startups.

If you remember from part 1, his exposure at Microsoft and Object Theory, has given Michael a comprehensive perspective on how smartglasses can add value. His direct experiences draws primarily from the enterprise, but many of the 18 use cases he identified also apply to consumers.

michael hoffman.jpeg

The Conversation

In this second part of the conversation, Michael shares more tangible examples of use cases around selling, building, planning, validating, visualizing, and entertaining.

Michael also believes 2019 is the year software for smartglasses can begin to get a real footing.

We go on to discuss lessons learned about how to overcome some of the current limitations of smartglasses, primarily around the user experience.

The Request

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