Jacob Loewenstein (Spatial) on Why Collaborating Through Smartglasses Is Better Than In Person

The Guest

Jacob Loewenstein is the VP of Business Development and Strategy at Spatial, a company

on a mission to empower people to be more connected, creative, and productive through Spatial’s AR-first collaboration tool.

Prior to Spatial, Jacob work on AR/VR business development and product strategy at Samsung Next, which focuses on innovation around software and services for Samsung.

He received his MBA at MIT Sloan, where he co-founded VR/AR@MIT group as well as the Reality, Virtually Hackathon.

Prior to MIT, he worked in revenue strategy and business development at BuzzFeed and as a internal management consultant at Bridgewater Associates. He received his BA, Cum Laude, from Princeton University, where he studied the intersection of Media Theory and Public Policy.

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Jacob Loewenstein

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The Conversation

In this conversation, Jacob and I discuss media theory and the potential impact that VR & AR will have on empathy and shaping public opinion.

Jacob shares his thoughts on identity within AR, avatar technology, and the AR Cloud. Jacob also has some great advice for startups who want to work with a big company like Samsung.

And of course we talk a lot about collaboration within AR. We also discuss the design pedigree of the founders and creating a better user experience within AR.

The Request

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