Amy Peck (EndeavorVR) on Enterprises’ Slow Adoption of AR and the Promise in Education

The Guest

Amy Peck is the founder & CEO of EndeavorVR, a strategy & consulting firm focused on Augmented and Virtual Reality. There she serves as the essential guide to connect companies and educational institutions to the right resources, partners, and approach to be successful with these new technologies.

In addition, Amy is the co-chair of the Enterprise Committee at the VRAR Association, and a contributing author to Charlie Fink’s recent book, Convergence. [frequent keynote speaker, panelist, and moderator]. Most recently, you saw Amy on the main stage at the AWE conference in late May.

Amy has also worked in Business Development at Leap Motion, and more recently as the Chief Strategy Officer at Periscape VR, a location-based VR company.

The Conversation

In this conversation, Amy and I discuss the viability of the location-based VR market and the potential for AR & VR in childhood education.

We get into the current opportunities and challenges in bringing spatial computing to the enterprise. One of these challenges is the difficulty in explaining a technology that needs to be directly experienced, so much so that Amy now insists C-level executives put on a headset as a first step in the consulting process.

We also talk about VR & AR in healthcare, and the potential impact of blockchain technology.