Vinay Narayan (HTC Vive) on Making an Impact on the Community

The Guest

Vinay Narayan is the Vice President of Product Management and Operations for HTC Vive. There he oversees a portfolio of products for HTC including XR, Mobile, 5G communications and other emerging technologies. 

Vinay is also very active in the XR community including as a keynote speaker as well as a board member and advisor for various VR and AR companies. He loves talking about product and go-to-market strategy and is more interested in the problems to be solved than the technology used to solve them.

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Vinay Narayan

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HTC Vive

The Conversation

In this conversation, Vinay talks about HTC Vive’s strategy as it relates to VR, AR, and 5G. And from his vantage point at HTC, Vinay shares advice for both investors and startups.

He believes in-home adoption for VR will scale only after there is a reason to use VR outside of the home. It’s at work where he sees ROI & investment happening today. He notes that content may be king, but only if there is a kingdom.

He also provides his perspective on building a community and creating an impact on the ecosystem.