The State of the AR Cloud with Jan-Erik Vinje, Christine Perey, Jason Fox, and Colin Steinmann (Open AR Cloud Association)

The Guest

Today’s conversation is with a quartet of key contributors to the Open AR Cloud initiative.

  • Jan-Erik Vinje is the Managing Director and Co-founder of the Open AR Cloud, and spends his days as the Senior AR-Architect and lead developer at Norkart.

  • Christine Perey is the Governing Board Member for the Open AR Cloud as well as the Founder and Board member of the AR for Enterprise Alliance.

  • Jason Fox is a Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft and key contributor to the Open AR Cloud.

  • Colin Steinmann is a Co-founder of the Open Ar Cloud as well as an AR Product Manager at Bent Image Lab.

Together with several other contributing members, they’ve authored a comprehensive report on the state of the AR Cloud.

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Open AR Cloud Association

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Open AR Cloud

The Conversation

In this conversation, we dig into that report, including the motivations behind the initiative and how they are enacting some of the recommendations within the report.

They do clarify their intention is not to build AR Cloud infrastructure or a particular data set. Christine Perey explains the goal is to enable interoperability and connectedness between an infinite number of public and private AR Clouds.

They make the case for both broad and targeted involvement by the community to ensure the spatial internet is even more inclusive, safe, and broadly useful than what has come before.

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