Ori Inbar (AWE / Super Ventures) on the Major Trends in AR and Who Will Win the AR Cloud (Part 1)

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The Guest

Ori Inbar is a serial entrepreneur and investor who often takes center stage at the Augmented World Expo. Also known as AWE, the conference is owned and run by AugmentedReality.org, where Ori is founder and CEO. AugmentedReality.org, along with the AWE conference, has the mission to educate and promote the true potential of AR.

Ori is also a founder and managing partner of Super Ventures, an early-stage investment fund dedicated to AR. There he and his partners invest in startups changing the world by giving people real superpowers.

He began his immersion into AR as the co-founder and CEO of Ogmento, which became Flyby Media and was acquired by Apple. Apple then combined it with the work and team from Metaio and some other acquisitions to create what is now AR Kit. 

The Conversation

I’ve broken my conversation with Ori into two parts. In this first part, we dig into the major trends Ori has identified over the last several years, and some of the major challenges that still remain. Ori hints at hardware sales of smartglasses, and we talk about the concept of the AR Cloud - what it is and who’s going to win that part of the market.

Ori shares a lot of valuable insight. I think you’ll love this one.

The Request

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