Erik Murphy-Chutorian (8th Wall) on Enabling Breakout Mobile AR Apps & Photobombing With The Hoff

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The Guest

Erik Murphy-Chutorian is the founder and CEO of 8th Wall, a company on a mission to break the wall between the digital world and the physical world by making it easier for developers to create AR experiences on more devices with less effort.

8th wall has a different focus and approach than past guests Martin Herdina from Wikitude and Matt Meisneiks from

Erik started 8th Wall after nearly 8 years at Google as an engineer and manager focused on computer vision, image analysis, and image search. He also spent almost 2 years as an engineering manager at Facebook. Previously, Erik earned a PhD in Computer Vision from UC San Diego.

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Erik Murphy-Chutorian

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8th Wall

The Conversation

In this conversation, Erik describes recent progress his team has made by bringing essential AR building blocks to the mobile web browser - now anyone on nearly any mobile device can experience AR.

These efforts caught the attention of Sony Pictures, Amazon Sumerian, and Trigger, who collaborated to create a web-based AR experience based on an upcoming animated Spiderman movie.

Erik goes on to share his perspective on the trajectory and hurdles of mobile AR. And he disagrees with some earlier guests about the importance of the AR Cloud as a necessary ingredient for mobile AR apps to achieve breakout success.

Erik has raised more than $10M to fund 8th Wall, and he shares his experience and advice for fundraising. But first we start with a story about David Hasselhoff, aka The Hoff.

The Request

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