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Reynold Wu & Kieran Hall (Rokid) on Bringing Rokid Glass and Vision Smartglasses to Life

Reynold and Kieran discuss their approach to designing and developing AR smartglasses, and what we can expect out of Rokid Glass and Rokid Vision when they start to ship. We get into some of the lessons they’ve learned, the challenges of consumer-grade smartglasses, and where they see the market going.

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Martina Welkhoff (WXR Fund) on Gender Diverse Teams Outperforming All-Male Founding Teams by 63%

Martina is the founding partner at WXR Fund, and shares her perspective on gender diversity - both as a cultural and economic driver for good. We discuss the WXR Fund’s accelerator program as well Martina’s experiences raising money for the fund, and how it differed from raising money for a startup.

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Replay Mashup: Matt Miesnieks ( on Thriving as an Entrepreneur and Pitching to VCs

In this mashup from an earlier interview, Matt shares hard earned wisdom on handling the stresses of being a founder, how startups should work with big companies like Samsung or Google, and what early-stage VCs care most about. Plus, he adds some perspective on where the market is headed.

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