Terry Schussler (Deutsche Telekom) on the Importance of 5G and Edge Compute to AR

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The Guest

Terry Schusler is the Director of Immersive Technology within the 5G group at Deutsche Telekom. There he drives the research and creation of immersive AR and VR products that can take advantage of the coming age of 5G and edge compute.

Terry joined Deutsche Telekom as the lead AR/VR developer and architect. Previously he spent more than two decades as a CTO or VP of Product across a number of companies focused on mobile, entertainment, education, and mixed reality technologies. He’s also a founding member of the Open AR Cloud initiative.

The Conversation

In this conversation, Terry and I discuss why the next generation 5G wireless may be critical to enabling pervasive and personalized AR experiences. He talks about some of the key benefits of 5G and the complementary benefits of more computing capability at the very edge of the cloud.

Terry has a clear vision for what the hardware will look like, and some of the early ways consumers will be using smartglasses. We also discuss the possible evolution of the app ecosystem driven by the need for different models for accessing and sharing information within the hardware and software layers of the metaverse.

Terry’s has a gift for explaining technology and how we’ll use it, and I think you’ll really enjoy this one.

The Request

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