Allison Wood (Camera IQ) on the Journey from Explicit to Implicit Computing

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The Guest

Allison Wood is the Co-founder and CEO of Camera IQ, which is the world's first augmented reality platform for camera marketing. They unite the camera ecosystem to enable brands create and deliver captivating AR experiences at scale.

After getting a bachelors in Sociology, Allison pursued a masters in fine arts focused on both interior design and digital interactive arts, and served as an assistant professor at the Pratt Institute.

Allison thrives at the intersection between design, architecture and human interaction, and has spent her career building technology to bridge our online and offline worlds.

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The Conversation

In this conversation, Allison and I talk about the journey from explicit to implicit computing and how the camera is becoming the primary means for input and interaction with the digital world. She sees the camera superseding the smartphone in the era of spatial computing, and lenses replacing apps.

Allison describes the way advertising will be incorporated with these new experiences. She’s highly sensitive to creating spammy, irrelevant advertising, and instead wants to create experiences that motivate users to engage with brands at a deeper level.

I had a really enjoyable and wide ranging conversation with Allison at her offices. Unfortunately the recorder was only capturing part of it, but I think you’ll really enjoy what follows.

The Request

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