Nick Dangerfield (Planeta) on David Bowie Is - The AR Exhibition

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The Guest

Nick Dangerfield and his team at Planeta created the “David Bowie Is” mobile AR app experience. This app recreates the museum exhibition by the same name, which drew more than 2 million visitors before completing its global tour in Brooklyn last year.

The “David Bowie Is” mobile AR experience is another milestone on Nick’s journey as a creator. Through this project and others, Nick makes products, digital and otherwise, in the fields of photography and music.

He worked with Hideki Ohmori on the Harinezumi camera, with Victor Esther on the Playbutton, with Kosta Krajcev on the art tool He is now working on the Oda speakers and the AR adaptation of the “David Bowie is…” show with Dan Brewster, Laura Chen, Perry Brandston and Joe Saavedra.

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Nick Dangerfield



In the past, Nick has worked with great artists including Jonas Mekas, Park Chan Wook, Mount Eerie, Moriyama Daido, Nick Waplington, Bruno S., Matmos, Harmony Korine, and Justin Bieber.

The Conversation

In this conversation, Nick and I talk about who David Bowie was and how that’s encapsulated within the David Bowie Is mobile AR experience. We talk about digitizing the artifacts in the museum exhibition and some of the design choices he and his team made when creating the app.

We also explore Nick’s broader, artistic perspective on AR & VR, as well as his current endeavor to create a new type of speaker for your home.

The Request

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