Stephanie Llamas (SuperData) on Looking at the Numbers in AR & VR

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The Guest

Stephanie Llamas is the VP of Research & Strategy, and the Head of XR at SuperData Research.

Stephanie’s background is in market research as well as product and brand strategy. She’s spent more than 10 years in the digital media, gaming and VR/AR/MR industries, and earned an M.A. in Media, Culture and Communication from NYU.

You may have seen Stephanie presenting her team’s findings on stage at CES, AWE, SXSW, VRX, or other industry conference.

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Stephanie Llamas

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The Conversation

Timing is everything. In this conversation, Stephanie reviews the data and assesses whether now is the right time to jump into VR, mobile AR, or smartglasses. We tackle that question by discussing the progress and monetization strategies for each. Stephanie also draws lessons from previous cycles to better appreciate where we are today.

Although those lines, Stephanie argues that VR is not dead. In fact, compared to earlier cycles, VR is really strong. While earlier in the cycle, smartglasses hold a ton of potential as well.

The Request

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