Derek Belch (STRIVR) on VR Training for Quarterbacks and Walmart Clerks

The Guest

Derek Belch is the co-founder and CEO of STRIVR, a company on a mission to elevate performance through immersive experience.

Derek incubated the company with co-founder Jeremy Bailenson in Stanford’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab while pursuing his Masters in Virtual Reality and serving as a graduate assistant football coach.

Using sports as his proving ground, Derek’s vision quickly expanded from the athlete to the enterprise. Derek is driven by a competitive passion for impacting performance, and with STRIVR, is pushing everyone to train like an athlete.

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Derek Belch

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The Conversation

In this conversation, Derek shares the origin story for the company, including how he landed at Stanford pursuing a Masters in VR, the incubation of the STRIVR product, its rapid rise in sports, and the opportunistic shift to the enterprise.

Derek touches on the science of learning within VR and he goes on to explore more deeply the impact it can have on the field and on the job.

Self-admittedly, Derek is not a tech guy; yet he and STRIVR are excelling with this frontier technology. He relies on strong leadership traits and lessons learned, and he shares a few of them here in the episode.