Reynold Wu & Kieran Hall (Rokid) on Bringing Rokid Glass and Vision Smartglasses to Life

The Guests

Reynold Wu is the head of product management for AR at Rokid, which is a company focused on AI, robotics, and smartglasses. They announced the Rokid Glass at CES in 2018, and the Rokid Vision earlier this year.

Reynold is an entrepreneur, an engineer, and a business strategist, having worked in wireless communications, enterprise cloud storage, network security, and now the intersection of AI and AR.

Kieran Hall runs strategic partner development on Rokid. Previously, he spent many years at Zappar, a company with a development platform and creative studio that makes augmented reality experiences for major brands. There he spent several years as a producer, and then as a customer relationship builder.

The Conversation

In this conversation, we talk about the company’s approach to designing and developing AR smartglasses, and what we can expect out of Rokid Glass and Rokid Vision when they start to ship.

Keiran shares why he moved from mobile to AR smartglasses: he saw the benefits of crafting a device that is hands-free built specifically for AR.

We get into some of the lessons they’ve learned with the Rokid Glass, and how they are applying them to the second generation device, the Rokid Vision.

We also get into the weeds about which components use the most power on smartglasses and some of the related design decisions, and we talk more broadly about what’s holding back consumer-grade smartglasses and where they think the market is going.